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Tax Professionals Wanted

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Jordan and Associates LLC Virtual and or In House Tax Professionals Wanted

Experienced Tax Pros 

  • Must have or be able to obtain a current IRS PTIN. 
  • Must be able to pass Exam administered by us.


In-Experienced Tax Pros

  • Must take our Comprehensive Tax Course (Click Here for more info & to sign up)
  • Must be able to obtain a IRS PTIN.

*Tax Course cost will be reimbursed in March of 2020 for those who pass and prepare at least 25 tax returns during the 2020 tax season*



Tax Preparers can work remotely from their desired location or in-house at our office or a combination of both.



  • Tax Software is Provided
  • Client Portals
  • Mobile App
  • Electronic Signature 
  • Bank Products including Refund Advance Loans
  • Professional Email
  • One on One Coaching & Tax Return Assistance
  • $$$$$$ Competitive Compensation $$$$$$ 



  • Work Ethic & Determination to be SUCCESSFUL along with the following:
  • Virtual Preparers: Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Printer, Internet, Paper, Pens, etc...
  • In-House Preparers:  All equipment & Office Supplies are provided by us.