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Personal / Individual Tax Returns

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Our core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. With over 20 years of tax preparation experience, literally 1000's of Federal and State returns have been prepared and filed. Don't delay, get your taxes done today. We offer Tax Preparation services to All 50 States. There's no need to inconvenience your schedule to ensure your taxes are prepared, utilize one of our convenient tax preparation methods and leave the rest up to us.


Please note that everyone whom does not use the Mobile App or the Client Portal (as the same exact forms are located within your portal account) are required to complete the necessary forms.  These forms can also be completed in advance for in office visits.  

Please be advised that if you use the Mobile App you may still need to complete 1 or more of the follwing forms, depending on your tax situation.


Tax Return Checklist




Client Engagement Letter 2022


Client Data Packet 2022 

(Everyone Must Complete this Packetanything that does not apply to you, skip it)




Due Diligence Questionnaire 2022

(Everyone that is claiming a dependent must complete this Questionnaire; anything that does not apply to you, skip it)




Covid-19 Data Questionnaire 2022

(Everyone must complete this Questionnaire for all 2020 Tax Returns filed in 2021 and all 2021 Tax Returns filed in 2022)




Self Employment Income & Expenses 

(Everyone that is Self Employed must complete this Form; anything that does not apply to you, skip it)




Express Filer Application

(Anyone that have self-prepared their tax return(s) and/or had their tax return(s) prepared by someone other than us and would like for us to facilitate the electronic tranmission of the tax return(s) to the State Tax Authority(ies) and/or the IRS must complete this application.)




If you choose to print the form(s) and complete them, you will have to email, fax, and/or text each page to us.




Simply upload your documents to our Client Portal to get your taxes prepared today!



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Get your taxes prepared ONLINE TODAY via our  Mobile App






  • Complete the following steps in the Example (pictured below) to setup your CLIENT PORTAL account, please complete the form in it's entirety.   

mail Client Portal Sign Up

Example (picture) of how to complete our contact form to request access to Client Portal..



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*If the state link you are looking for is not listed please contact us and we will forward the corresponding link to you. We are regularly updating our site and more State Refund Status checking links will be available soon.



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