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Our Online Office brings financial services directly into your home or business enabling you to more actively participate in your financial management.

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➡️ Schedule an appointment with one our Tax Professionals TODAY!Calendar_pic

➡️ Prepare your taxes and/or Estimate your refund online using our Mobile App:  jordan_and_associates_llc_logo_icon with our Mobile App you can enter your information, upload pictures and/or documents needed for the preparation of your taxes as well as communicate with us, via email, chat, text or click to call. You can also monitor the entire progress of your tax return and/or refund.

➡️ Compensation Reporting Forms File forms 1099, W-2, 940, 941, etc.... with the IRS CLICK HERE

➡️ Intake Forms CLICK HERE

➡️ Create your personal account-Client Portal to upload and/or store your tax documents needed and/or used to prepare your tax returns, receive your tax documents prepared by us, electronically sign your documents, plus more.  Documents are electronically stored for 3 years, no need to try and keep up with your tax documents each and every year.  To request access CLICK HERE. Current / Existing users CLICK HERE.

➡️ Use the Financial Calculators to assist you in budgeting, financial planning, or determining loan payments.

➡️ Stay Alert to tax and accounting news by reviewing the Client Newsletter/ Blog.

➡️ Save More time & effort using our Additional Links to Topics of Interest where you can acess more Helpful Information to assist you with everyday life.

Please browse the pages of this site and feel free to e-mail any questions, suggestions or other feedback. Visit often as current news impacting your financial situation will be outlined here.


*For those interested in jumpstarting a career and/or business in the Tax Industry or in need of Professional Tax & Accounting Software, click below for more information on the following: 



We will open and start preparing taxes on January 2, 2020 at 9 a.m.cst.

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